About ShadowBrook Farm

Loth Family

ShadowBrook farm is a small, family owned diversified vegetable farm. We own a total of 34 acres. About 10 acres are devoted to growing certified organic specialty vegetables and herbs. We also plant about an acre of cut-flowers. We are committed to sustainable farming practices and are devoted to being good stewards of our land. Our goal is to plant green manure crops in a third of our vegetable ground annually.

We are using grass-based beef cows as part of our rotation. We have a herd of dairy goats that are not only part of the rotation, but also provide milk for our Dutch Girl Creamery Artisan cheese production. We are currently using four hoop-houses to extend our growing season. Using this system we are able to produce vegetables for ten months a year.

We have 12 acres in alfalfa which we use for our own animals rotational grazing and for making compost. We want to help move towards a “regional food system” where food is sold directly to the consumer rather than traveling many miles to reach the end user. We strive to produce the highest quality and freshest vegetables available. We are located within the three mile city limit of Lincoln .

Being in the urban fringe has allowed us to establish a good market for our products. We sell at five farmers' markets in Lincoln and Omaha, at our on farm Country Market, and to local grocery stores and restaurants. We also offer a subscription program (CSA) that enables consumers to pre-pay seasonally for our vegetables, cheese, and flowers which they select throughout the season (April thru early December). 

We strive to produce the highest quality and freshest vegetables available. By purchasing locally, you, the consumer, are not only getting the finest foods for your family, but are also supporting your local family farm, your local economy, and a regional food system that is better for you and the environment.

- The Loth Family

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